How to Use the Map

So what exactly is the mapping telling us? Locations appear larger when they’ve been identified by multiple people as a place they visit to create, experience, or learn about arts and culture in Dallas. Smaller (or missing) locations aren’t unimportant by any means, we just haven’t heard about those places yet!

You can hover over each location to see what it is, how many people have told us they visit that location to create, experience, or learn about arts and culture, and what neighborhood it is in. Locations in the same neighborhood have the same color in order to help understand the relationship between cultural activity and place in Dallas.

What about all of the other information we asked you to share? We will use that information to update this map over the course of the Dallas Cultural Plan 2018 to help understand where resources exist, if certain types of activities are concentrated or dispersed throughout the city, and where there may be gaps in access to cultural venues. If you have questions about the map, please let us know at