Elizabeth Jones

Senior Design Manager

Elizabeth Jones is a Senior Design Manager at buildingcommunityWORKSHOP. Elizabeth is in charge of managing [bc]’s impact and project evaluation efforts, as well as heading up the Public Design Impact Initiative (PDII), an initiative to identify community and nonprofit groups with design needs and match them with local design professionals.

Elizabeth’s architecture and social science background brings both a design and systems perspective to community-based work. Her analysis works toward communicating the efficacy of using design to address social, economic, and environmental issues to the design profession; and its value to the general public.

Elizabeth received her Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Arkansas E Fay Jones School of Architecture in 2010. She started at [bc] as a bcFELLOW in November of 2010 and accepted her current position at [bc] in 2011 after completing her VISTA service.