The buildingcommunityWORKSHOP is a Texas based nonprofit community design center seeking to improve the livability and viability of communities through the practice of thoughtful design and making. We enrich the lives of citizens by bringing design thinking to areas of our cities where resources are most scarce. To do so, [bc] recognizes that it must first understand the social, economic, and environmental issues facing a community before beginning work.

As the only community design organization working across Texas, [bc] is unique in its approach to community engagement. We form strong relationships through our collaborative design work, educational outreach activities, and social media channels, enabling us to engage with a broad segment of the population. The success of our work is contingent upon reaching those residents not typically sought out by the design and planning community.

[bc] has been fortunate to receive several awards recognizing our contribution to equitable housing design and planning. Notably, we were honored with the 2010 and 2016 National AIA/HUD Secretary’s Award for Community-Informed Design for the Congo Street Initiative and the City of Houston’s Disaster Recovery Program Round 2 (DR2). In 2013, [bc] was awarded the prestigious Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence Silver Medal for the Congo Street Initiative. [bc] also received National SEED Competition awards in 2011 for the Congo Street Initiative and in 2016 for RAPIDO. In 2014, [bc] was awarded the Texas Society of Architects Design Award for the La Hacienda Casitas. Little Free Libraries/Libros Libres and RAPIDO were awarded the 2014 and 2015 SXSW Eco Place by Design awards, respectively. In 2017, we were designated as an honoree of the Curry Stone Design Social Circle. The Cottages at Hickory Crossing project was honored with an AIA Dallas 2017 Built Design Award and a 2010 Unbuilt Design Award.

[bc] was established in Dallas in 2005 and opened offices in Brownsville in 2011, Houston in 2013, and Washington DC in 2016.