Owen Wilson-Chavez

Senior Analytics Manager

Owen Wilson-Chavez is the Senior Analytics Manager and heads bcANALYTICS[bc]’s internal data and analytics team working to expand the use of data to drive informed decision-making in North Texas. Owen strongly believes that addressing the myriad issues affecting urban and rural communities can best be achieved through the use data.

As an urban geographer, Owen’s geospatial thinking offers a unique perspective on the development of urban places and subsequent social impacts. Prior to joining [bc], he worked on projects related to high-speed rail, transit-oriented development, urban development, and regional economics as a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of North TexasCenter for Economic Development and Research.

Owen holds a B.A. in Geography from the University of North Texas and is close to wrapping up a Masters in Applied Geography from UNT. While at UNT, Owen served as a Graduate Student Representative on the University’s Operations and Land-Use Committee and Sustainability Council’s Sustainability Committee.