The Public Design Impact Initiative (PDII) is a program that matches nonprofit and community groups with local professional design services. This [bc] funded program requests proposals from local nonprofits detailing projects on which they need design assistance. Selected projects are guided through a community-engaged design process that builds partnerships and improves both community members’ and designers’ ability to serve others. PDII aims to provide nonprofits with a variety of services, including graphic design, visioning, planning for fundraising, and ultimately implementing projects and constructing places that have a deep, lasting impact on the communities they serve. Past projects include homes, environmental and landscape design, graphic design for community education programs, infrastructure, parks, and public space.

[bc] is currently working on two PDII projects in the Rio Grande Valley.

Questions and comments related to the Public Design Impact Initiative may be directed to Elizabeth Jones at or 214.252.2900.



Are you a designer, architect, landscape architect, engineer, graphic designer, artist or planner interested in providing services for PDII projects? 

Fill out the Designer Request for Qualifications to apply to be a Partner or Advisor for PDII; and to stay up-to-date on future volunteer and partnership opportunities.


The deadline for our 2017 Request for Proposals in the Rio Grande Valley has now passed. You can find out more about the RFP on our 2017 PDII Request for Proposals post.

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