People Organizing Place [POP] is the participatory city shaping division of [bc]. In collaboration with designers, professionals, nonprofits, and citizen groups, POP positions local stakeholders as experts to proactively shape their neighborhood’s future. This is achieved by providing accessible tools through which citizens can independently design their city and by leveraging the professional expertise of [bc] to implement these tools as part of larger city shaping projects.

POP has two types of projects:

  1. TOOLKIT: a suite of proven tools neighbors can use independently or with [bc] to shape and organize places that are important to them.

  2. CITY DESIGN: [bc] works with neighbors on projects to utilize existing tools and develop new ones to achieve a set place based goal. These projects can take the form of research, design, and planning, and incorporate multiple POP tools in their execution.

Check out other projects that fall within our POP [People Organizing Place] Initiative here.