Deepwood & Earth Day

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Last night we were honored to screen Out of Deepwood in the Angelika Film Center as part of a partnership with Earth Day TX and TEDxSMU. We had great discussions with folks during a reception preceding the film, talking about our Know Your Neighborhood & Draw Your Neighborhood tools and collecting Neighborhood Stories interviews - keep your eyes out for those in the coming weeks!

Approximately 100 people were in attendance, most of whom joined us after the screening for a panel discussion moderated by GreenSource DFW’s Julie Thibodeaux. Joining her on the panel were Cynthia Herring-Flanagan, a former neighbor to the Deepwood Dump, Mike Daniel, an attorney with Daniel & Beshara P.C., T Hanson, former Director of Operations at the Trinity River Audubon Center, and Craig Weflen, [bc]’s Media Associate and the filmmaker for Out of Deepwood. As with past screening events, Cynthia was a star, sharing further insights into the continuing struggles faced by her and her former neighbors.

We’d like to thank all of those who attended the event, and also take a moment to reinforce a point that was made during the panel: the story of Deepwood is a story that can and has happened in other places - issues of injustice tend to be overlooked until, as was the case with the Deepwood fire, it becomes too hard to ignore. The responsibility lies with us as citizens to be proactively engaged in the issues that are facing our city, and to strive for a just, equitable living environment for all.