La Hacienda - Final Phase

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The last set of homes will wrap up at LaHacienda Casitas next month, July 2013. Contractors are working hard to keep up the pace as a waiting list for homes has already started filling up!

Alongside the residential construction, site work is underway. The Community Development Corporation Brownsville (CDCB) YouthBuild team is in full swing and landscape contractors are installing native plants, trees, and grasses as well as hardscape elements like sidewalks, pathways, and bridges.

Homes on Bailey Blvd getting their final touches with landscaping and utility connections.

Homes have been sited throughout the development to create courtyards defined by porch spaces.

Park spaces have been shaped and are ready for landscape and pathways. An important part of this project was its ability to manage storm water in a way that is both positive for the environment and creates an asset to the people that live here.  Swales have been shaped engage public spaces and planted with native grasses and wildflowers species to encourage water filtration and absorption.

In the community playground, the Youthbuild team has laid out the body of the dragon snake and is working on its head, slides, and crawl spaces. Here, Eddie Salazar, CDCB’s construction manager oversees some of the site construction.

Stay tuned for details on the grand opening celebration once construction is complete!