Public Design Impact Initiative

Keep up with PDII's progress in Dallas.

Many social issues can be successfully addressed through thoughtful design and planning interventions. We have found that the partnerships between designers/architects and community-based organizations are mutually beneficial, building the knowledge and experience of both to better serve others.

With that in mind, [bc] is inviting community groups/organizations to submit design project proposals to be matched with local design professionals and services.

The Public Design Impact Initiative
This year, [bc] is beginning an annual Request for Proposals asking you to tell us what your design needs and project ideas are. We will select up to 6 projects to be matched with design services in 2015.

The goals for the Public Design Impact Initiative are:

  • to find projects that mutually benefit community groups/organizations and the communities where they work.
  • to provide or match those projects with capable architects and designers who meet the needs of those projects.
  • to ensure both partners have a productive experience and create a positive outcome.
  • to provide technical support throughout the lifetime of the project.

In the beginning of February, a RFP will be released detailing the process for Dallas/Fort Worth-area community groups and organizations to submit project proposals.

Who is eligible?
Applicants must be:

  • a group or organization made up of 3 or more individuals.
  • located and active in a community in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

What are the requirements for the proposed project?
The project:

  • must require a design- or architecture-related intervention or service.
  • must address a need in the community (directly, or indirectly through the function of the group).
  • should be able to be completed within a 4 to 6 month timespan.
  • must benefit the community in which your organization or group works.

To submit a project proposal, visit to download the PDII RFP form. 

Proposals should identify a specific project that requires design or planning services. Proposals are welcome from all community  groups, ranging from large and established nonprofit organizations to smaller and less formal community groups, regardless of their size or scale of work.

The deadline to submit a proposal is February 27th, 2015.