Welcome Ann Panopio!

Ann Panopio is the new Associate Director of our Houston office where she is working with bcFELLOW Ryan Campbell on DR2. Ann is returning to Texas after living in Chicago, Oregon and the San Francisco Bay Area for many years. She has a B.S in Environmental Design from the University of Houston and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Oregon. Her work in the intersection of design and social responsibility ranges in scale from a collaboration on creating furniture prototypes for a classroom for children with learning disabilities, affordable and supportive housing to examining how public transit can be used as a catalyst to “stitch” a neighborhood back together. During her time working at Pyatok Architects and Asian Neighborhood Design, her projects often incorporated how a culture can influence the design and use of a space while still reflecting the present day values of the surrounding environment. Generally, she finds that when she is invited to lead or facilitate a group, she learns many fascinating and surprising things from the participants, every single time. We are very excited to have Ann joining our team!