Welcome Craig Weflen!

Craig Weflen studied Architecture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he completed his Master of Architecture. His graduate thesis project focused on building and deployment strategies for displaced communities, with a specific emphasis on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a nation which has been engaged in civil war for the past 15 years. The project underscores the need to improve the basic tent provided to people upon their initial displacement. Instead of simply being a tent that provides basic shelter, why can’t it also collect water from the roof for the occupant to drink, thereby cutting costs for the relief organization? Why not design the structure so that the packaging is reused as a vital part of the building, thereby eliminating waste? Instead of designing a one size fits all model, why not design the tent to be modular, enabling it to fit different size families? As Buckminster Fuller once said, “it is highly feasible to take care of all of humanity at a higher standard of living than anybody has ever experienced or dreamt of.” With this belief at heart, Craig knows that the only thing standing in our way is inaction, and is excited to get to work.