Welcome Katharine Dike!

Katharine Brookes Dike is a designer who believes architecture lives, reacts, and is shaped by the social, environmental, and economic systems in the world. Born and raised in Memphis, TN, she graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2011 with degrees in Architecture and Global Studies. As a student she juggled the differences in an education in design versus an education in global change. This unique perspective allowed her to see the potential of design in its best sense: positive social and environmental change. Two projects she helped lead, a New Norris House and the Haiti Project allowed her to experience and reaffirmed her passion for the implementation of architecture that has a greater impact. After graduating, Katharine continued to work with these two projects, and helped manage and operate the Design| Build Fabrication Laboratory at the College of Architecture + Design. She finds construction documents beautiful, people fascinating, and problems inspiring. Furthermore, she is extremely excited to work for the bcWORKSHOP, and get to know the city of Dallas, TX.