Welcome Nick Kunz!

Nicholas Hyeong Kunz, an urbanist from Scottsdale, AZ, is centrally focused on innovative development solutions by virtue of design, economics, technology, and community corroboration. As a Design Consultant, he was most widely known for his "microphasing" strategy, which was designed to increase the frequency and reduce the scale of traditional phased development to produce a robust stock of affordable housing absent of government grants or subsidies. Nick studied Housing + Community Development, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Design (Hons) degree, summa cum laude, from Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University in 2012. His honors thesis, "Realizing Interactive Architecture: A Driver of the Knowledge Economy" investigated the relatively unexplored economic ramifications of developing technologically driven architecture. Subsequent to his undergraduate education, Nick studied Urban Planning as a part of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design's Career Discovery program. Nick is beatified to be leveraging his development expertise with bcWORKSHOP to serve the public.