2016.29.12 - Las viviendas de emergencia texanas que prometen revolucionar la respuesta a desastres naturales

2016.16.12 - A New Art and Design Initiative Will Confront the Sun Belt's Urban Sprawl

2016.06.12 - How a Texas Town is Overhauling Disaster Relief

2016.16.10 - Socially responsible design in America presented in Cooper Hewitt exhibition

2016.10.10 - 9 Design Projects Tackling America’s Poverty Crisis, One Community At A Time

2016.16.09 - Public spaces draw attention in downtown

2016.13.09 - Can 'Precovery' Be the Best Solution to Natural Disasters?

2016.09.09 - Little Free Libraries will honor fallen Dallas police officers

2016.09.09 - Bilingual Video Series Taps Into Latino Voter PopulationSerie de Videos Bilingües Informa a la Población Votante Latina

2016.25.08 - A Cooper Hewitt Exhibition Showcases Designs to Better America

2016.27.07 - Youth Lead Ivy City Civic Engagement, Call for Crummell Rec Center

2016.14.07 - HUD, AIA Present Design Awards

2016.14.07 - City of Houston, [bc]Workshop, TOP deserve the national recognition for engaging community and consumers to design better homes

2016.09.07 - Know Your Neighborhood

2016.21.06 - In Your Neighborhood, Who Draws the Map?

2016.28.03 - A Digital Library for All Your Community-Building Needs

2016.09.03 - New People’s Design Library Helps Kickstart Neighborhood DIY Projects

2016.15.02 - Art Matters–In Rural Classrooms and Beyond

2016.11.02 - Holding Back the Flood

2016.25.01 - Trading Cards Help Tell bcWORKSHOP Story

2016.25.01 - Studio Visit > bcWORKSHOP


2014.10.00 - The Neighborhood as Phoenix

2014.09.19 - Scourge of FEMA Trailers Wins MacArthur 'Genius' Grant

2014.09/10 - 2014 Design Awards, La Hacienda Casitas

2014.09.05 - Tiny houses address homelessness

2014.08.07 - We have good taste, but there's a gap

2014.08.07 - Libros Libres combats inadvertent economic segregation of national little free libraries

2014.07.23 - Little Free Libraries Show the Power of a Box of Books

2014.06.17 - New Cities Summit speakers say an urban world demands livable cities

2014.06.16 - Disaster pilot project seeks better alternative to FEMA trailers

2014.06.13 - RGV pilot program reconstructs houses after disaster

2014.06.13 - Disaster recovery can be RAPIDO

2014.06.04 - Take A Book, Leave A Book: Little Free Libraries Paper North Texas

2014.06.02 - Community Transforms Old Train Tracks in Brownsville, TX, into Hike & Bike Trail

2014.05/06 - After the Rain

2014.05.22 - Meet Anna Hill, or one of the reasons we do 10 drops in a bucket

2014.05.21 - Programa acerca libros a vecindarios de Dallas

2014.05.17 - Community gathers to build 17 Little Free Libraries for West and South Dallas neighborhoods

2014.05.16 - Empty Oak Cliff house to come alive with exhibit’s letters of hope

2014.05.12 - Building a Better World Through Public Interest Design

2014.05.00 - Community Transforms Old Train Tracks in West Brownsville, Texas, into a Public-Access Hike & Bike Trail

2014.04.08 - Trip to BC Workshop in Dallas, TX

2014.03.17 - Little Free Libraries interest meeting planned

2014.03.06 - Check Out The Ark On Noah Street. It'll Be There For 40 Days And 40 Nights

2014.03.04 - What’s Out There Partners

2014.02.28 - Tenth Street Historic District on board for ark festival

2014.02.18 - UT-RGV merger reports complete

2014.01.20 - Dallas Heroes Trading Cards Have Arrived

2014.01.20 - For the local history buff who collects trading cards, the limited-edition debut of "Dallas Heroes"

2014.01.04 - Hunter, Stephanie Hunt to turn downtown Masonic Temple into center aimed at solving Dallas' 'biggest challenges'


2013.11.07 - Rudy Bruner Awards for Providence and Dallas

2013.08.26 - Engaging in Public Interest Design

2013.08.13 - Calls for artists: Oak Cliff’s Tenth Street area revival project

2013.08.09 - Call for Qualifications Activating Vacancy

2013.08.06 - This Public Art Project Hopes to Revitalize Historic Tenth Street District. It Seeks a Few, Good Artists

2013.07.19 - So What Dallas Neighborhood Do I Live In?

2013.07.19 - Taking issue with the real estate map in today’s paper

2013.06.24 - Current and Former Residents of Oak Cliff's Tenth Street Area Look to the Past and Future

2013.06.11 - Texas Design Schools: Exhibiting Public Interest Projects

2013.06.07 - Rudy Bruner Award 2013 Medalists Reveal New Thinking About Urban Excellence

2013.06.03 - A city map tracks government in action

2013.05.23 - Inspiring Urban Places Win Rudy Bruner Award

2013.05.11 - Now for Some Historical Perspective on Oak Cliff's Wynnewood Area

2013.04.23 - City council items, mapped by neighborhood

2013.04.19 - A Cool Way To Visualize Dallas City Council Agenda Items

2013.04.19 - Not in your backyard? Not so fast: “The Public Agenda” turns Dallas council’s weekly voting items into neighborhood map

2013.04.17 - Dallas, Texas: Congo Street Green Initiative Provides Important Lessons in Community Revitalization

2013.04.15 - City rolls out conceptual master hike & bike plan for trails

2013.04.08 - Blazing Trails: A dedication to social justice propels today's young professionals

2013.04.01 - Architect.Citizen. Citizen Architect

2013.03.21 - Belden Trail off and running

2013.03.19 - How Artist Rick Lowe, Who's in Dallas Today, Helped Transform Houston's Third Ward

2013.03.15 - On the Road with the Rudy Bruner Award: Congo Street Initiative, Dallas, Texas

2013.02.22 - The Congo Street Initiative Revived a Downtrodden Dallas Neighborhood with Renovated Green Homes

2013.02.15 - 2013 Rudy Bruner Award Finalists Announced

2013.02.10 - Editorial: 10 Drops in the Bucket

2013.02.04 - Congo Street Initiative

2013.01.03 - Belden Trail takes strides


2011.07.05 - New ideas for sustainable architecture in the Americas

2011.06.01 - Making the Ideal More Real

2011.05.19 - From Concrete Desert to Oasis: Designing a Better Dallas

2011.05.18 - Animating Dallas: 'I feel like I'm in Austin'

2011.04.28 - Possibilities for engaging City Hall Plaza come to light; now what?

2011.04.27 - Dallas City Hall Plaza Comes Alive — For a Day

2011.04.27 - In Front of Dallas City Hall, Grabbing a Bite on the Living Plaza. 'And It Only Took 30 Years'

2011.04.27 - Event shows potential for bringing people and energy to City Hall Plaza

2011.04.24 - Dallas City Hall pool to welcome waders, toy boats Wednesday for gathering to show plaza's potential

2011.04.15 - On April 27, Dallas City Hall Plaza Will Become (Temporarily, For Now) a 'Living Plaza'

2011.03.27 - Community-driven vs. community-based design

2011.02.22 - Dallas Isn't Growing Much, But At Least the Dead Aren't Fleeing. Not Yet, Anyway

2011.02.10 - Congrats to the winners of the first annual SEED Competition

2011.01.20 - Potemkin Village: Signs Urge Dallas to Keep Homeless in its Heart. What Heart?

2011.01.20 - Public Awareness Campaign Sparks Awareness, Controversy

2011.01.19 - The City's Not Fond of 5750Dallas' Cutouts

2011.01.18 - Life-size signs spark homeless debate in Dallas

2011.01.18 - Someone Doesn't Like New Signs

2011.01.18 - bcWORKSHOP bring Homeless Awareness to Dallas

2011.01.17 - The First 5750Dallas Installation

2011.01.17 - On this MLK Day of Service, Street Art Intended to Spark Talk About Homelessness

2011.01.10 - Jubilee Park Residents Still Wary of DISD's Plans for a New O.M. Roberts Elementary

2011.01.05 - Congo Street - Green Initiative - Dallas