April Designer Social Hour Recap

On April 21st and April 27th, [bc] held Designer Social Hours in our Brownsville and Dallas offices. In an effort to help connect designers to opportunities to get involved in our communities, [bc] is convening active and interested designers (and design-related professionals) every other month to share our experiences and to learn how to build our capacity to help others. A special thank you to Ellen Mitchell for sharing at the Dallas Social Hour about Citizen HKS and how that program was started.

Are you a designer, architect, engineer, planner or artist interested in getting more involved in your community? Fill out our Request for Qualifications to be considered for [bc] projects and initiatives, or to sign up as a volunteer!

At each social we ask attendees to answer questions about their experience with community-based work. To see the results of previous survey and to submit your own answers, click on the question: What opportunities / resources exist for community projects? & What barriers prevent you from getting involved in community projects?


Where do barriers occur in the community design process?

Our latest survey maps the community-based design process, and asked attendees to apply when the barriers that we identified occur. These surveys will help [bc] and other community designers apply resources to those points in the process! You can see the results of this survey below, and submit your own answers.